K3MA-J Process Meter

Highly Visible LCD Display with 2-color (Red and Green) LEDsK3MA j K3MA J đo dòng/áp DC

  • Multi-range DC voltage/current input.

  • Front-panel key operation for easy setting.
  • Average processing function suppresses flicker.
  • Scaling, front-panel forced-zero, zero-limit functions.
  • Easy confirmation of max/min display.
  • Short 80-mm depth (measured from edge of face plate).
  • Finger protective cover (standard equipment) guards against electric shock.
  • Water- and dust-proof NEMA4X (IP66 equivalent) front panel.
  • Recognized to U.S. and Canadian requirements under the Component Recognition Program of UL.
  • CE marking.Hướng dẫn cài đặt k3ma-j

    Tài liệu tiếng việt K3MA-J

    Catalog tiếng anh K3MA-J


    Highly Visible LCD Display


    LCD with Backlight Provides Excellent Visibility 
    Characters are easy to read even in brightly lit places.


    Totally Programmable Display ColorsThe display can be programmed to change colors.
    For example, it can be set to display in green normally, and in red for errors; or to change from either green to red or red to green when output turns ON; or to display only in one color, red or green.

    Bright, Changeable Red and Green Display Colors Show Conditions at a Glance

    The measurement display can be set to change colors according to 

    the comparative output, to show conditions even at a distance.


     Settings are easy to make, with front-panel key operationDigital processing simplifies adjustment and setting operations. There is no need to apply actual input signals.



    NEMA4X (IP66 equivalent) water- and dust-proof structure

    The front panel is washable and can be handled with wet hands, making it highly suitable, for example, for use in food processing and in other systems requiring water.

    Front Panel Features

    ScalingThis feature converts input signals into desired physical values.

    For example, a pressure sensor is connected in which a current range of 4 to 20 mA corresponds to a pressure range of 0 to 100 kPa. The readout for the input of 4mA is converted into “0” and that for the input of 20 mA is converted into “100” (kPa). Since scaling converts the input signal from a value of current into a unit (kPa) that is used in the system, it enables easier, intuitive understanding.

    Comparative OutputThis feature compares a scaled value (measurement value) with a programmed OUT set value and performs an output action according to the comparison result. This is useful in monitoring various systems for malfunction or determining whether products are acceptable.

    Three types of comparative outputs are available: those produced at the OUT upper-limit value, the OUT lower-limit value, and both the OUT values.


    This feature shifts a process value to zero. Forced-zero can be used to evaluate and display the deviation of a process value from a reference value.

    Application Examples
    • Monitoring interior tank pressure

    K3MA App04 tank pressure K3MA J đo dòng/áp DC

    • Monitoring gas pressure
    • Inspection instruments in food or pharmaceutical plants.
    • Displaying/outputting liquid level

    K3MA App05 liquid level K3MA J đo dòng/áp DC

    • Monitoring liquid level in cleaning tanks
    • Water tanks, devices using chemicals, etc.
    • Flow rate sensor

    K3MA App06 flowrate K3MA J đo dòng/áp DC

    • Monitoring send out flow rate
    • Water processing devices, etc.

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