EE-SX47/67 Slot-type Photomicrosensor (Non-modulated)

Catalog EE-SX47-67

Global Standard Slot-type Photomicrosensor with 50- to 100-mA Direct Switching Capacity for Built-in Application

  • Series includes models that enable switching between dark-ON and light-ON operation.
  • Response frequency as high as 1 kHz.
  • Easy operation monitoring with bright light indicator.
  • Wide operating voltage range: 5 to 24 VDC
  • Models in which the light indicator turns ON for dark-ON operation are also available.
  • A wide range of variations in eight different shapes.
  • Flexible robot cable is provided as a standard feature for pre-wired models (EE-SX67).
Application Examples
a. RoboticsElectronic Component Manufacturing Equipment – Sequential Presses
Detection of Motor Rotation for Sequential Parts Feeders


A cam is used with a sensor to detect motor rotation and thus feed the hoop material at set intervals

Applicable Models:
EE-SX470/670, EE-SX471/671, EE-SX472/672, EE-SX473/673, EE-SX474/674, EE-SX770/771/772(A), EE-SX870/871/872(A)


b. Automated PositioningVertical or Horizontal Position

This typical can be found in positioning tables and automated manufacturing equipment. 

In this application example, 2 EE-SX470 photomicrosensors sense the slits on the table which are evenly spaced. The position of the table is detected from the detectable slits that are different in phase. Reliable operation is assured by transmissive, high-resolution photomicrosensors with narrow slots.

Applicable Models:

c. Checking Component Size Description:
The EE-SX47/67 and EE-SX77/87 series are used in pairs to sense the displacement of a lever, which indicates component size.

Applicable Models:
EE-SX470/670, EE-SX471/671, EE-SX472/672, EE-SX473/673, EE-SX474/674, EE-SX770/771/772(A),EE-SX870/871/872(A)



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