DANH MỤC SẢN PHẨM: Product Highlight

K3MA-J Process Meter

Highly Visible LCD Display with 2-color (Red and Green) LEDs Multi-range DC voltage/current input. Front-panel key operation for easy setting. Average processing function suppresses flicker. Scaling, front-panel forced-zero, zero-limit functions. Easy confirmation of max/min display. Short 80-mm depth (measured from edge of face plate). Finger protective cover (standard equipment) guards against electric shock. Water- and …


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ZN-DPX21-S Differential Pressure Station

ZN-DPX21-SA (Station) ZN-DPS11-S (Sensor head: 1.5 m type) ZN-DPS15-S (Sensor head: 10 m type) * Zero point accuracy: ±0.2 Pa Precision Measurement of Differential Pressure Inside and Outside of Clean Room or Booth. Clearly Visualize Differential Pressure Shifts at All Times. Clearly visualize differential pressure shifts at all times. Catalog ZN-DPX21-S Features  OMRON introduces Differential …


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EE-SX47/67 Slot-type Photomicrosensor (Non-modulated)

Catalog EE-SX47-67 Global Standard Slot-type Photomicrosensor with 50- to 100-mA Direct Switching Capacity for Built-in Application Series includes models that enable switching between dark-ON and light-ON operation. Response frequency as high as 1 kHz. Easy operation monitoring with bright light indicator. Wide operating voltage range: 5 to 24 VDC Models in which the light indicator …


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G9SB Safety Relay Unit

Catalog G9SB Ultra Slim Safety Relay Unit Models of width 17.5 mm available with 2 or 3 poles. Models of width 22.5 mm with 3 poles also available. Conforms to EN standards (TÜV approval). DIN track mounting possible.

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